I cannot take it for granted that too many know what FOSS means so I will define it: Free Open Source Software. I dabble in this at my advanced age of really tired of the world. I am going to put some words about software here as well as complain in my own inimitable and ethnic manner. That is: White and old and sick of hypocrites. Do I speak for you also? You are welcome then.

I have a couple of social platforms gracing the wasteland of the internet which probably won’t last once A.I. takes over. I figure this is what will cause the End of the World as we know it. Maybe that’s a good thing? It’s hard to tell. It’s yet early in the existence of the new masters of all. Could be the power will just go out because America can’t pay the bills. So, we have that to look forward to.

Should you enjoy that which I put here you might also like to come on board one of my social sites. They’re federated because that was the first thing I learned to build a few years back. One is here. The other is here. If you don’t have something stuck in a orifice I won’t mention here you may very well have a fun time there. Either one as I hold no prejudice unless it is to lame politics of badgering everyone who does not agree with idiocy.

Anyway you slice it is is time to unfasten the seat belts and take some risks around high speed turns at full throttle. Sounds like our much denigrated forefathers doesn’t it? Talk about risks!

See you here or one of the aforementioned social sites if you are yet to be WOKE. WOKE is another name for dunce but who cares. Life rambles on and takes no prisoners. It’s an axiom, that.

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