Before I get rolling with this, I am not an important person nor am I any kind of intellectual. Hell, I can hardly type. What I am good at is breathing because I’ve had almost 75 years of practice. Some of that as a registered light commercial diver. If you want to know what my forte is it is simply making mistakes. If there were a list of the stupidest people who ever lived I bet I would get at least an honorable mention. I have a screwed up back (in two places) a broken leg (in two places) and scars on my wrist, hands, and arms. That should be enough introduction to drive a person to either feel sorry for me (DON’T) or just call me a clown. (Not Pennywise either!)

I got hurt the first time skateboarding. Five years later it was Vietnam that laid a glove on me. None of it matters as I beat the odds of drinking like a fish and surviving to be sober and here I is. All four of me. (Personality-wise, that is.) I gotta say that I love to laugh so thank goodness for politicians. That is, politicians when I’m not laughing at myself. There is much mirth concerning my existence. Much mirth indeed. Oh yeah, I once held a top secret clearance and I will tell you one thing, you don’t want that kind of stuff rattling around in your head once you’re quit of the armed forces. Force a fella to drink even if the war didn’t! That’s all old news and not worth the paper its printed on though.

I started this, as I stated in the only article I’ve yet written here, that I work with software which means I have to tend to the set-up of my own servers. This stuff is challenging and I just dabbled myself into GIT this evening. (Look it up: GIT) I have an Ubuntu server with GIT installed and attempted my first git-pull install of a complete software instance, failed by the skin of a nostril and am set to give it another go tomorrow. (Stupid nginx!) I back up my servers before hand so it is only a matter of hitting restore to some phase the server was first set to. The software is called Calckey and I thought it would be fun to give GIT a try. I had no idea what to expect, what the hell I was doing but . . . nothing ventured, right?

Now, most of you that come to an “About” page think you’re gonna get a fair and bonafide expose of the fool who’s writing this stuff. Where he was born, the jobs he held down, and all that rubbish. I figure it this way, I don’t care what you did so why should I put you through the hell of reading what I did and wondering if all you just read is a work of fiction? The above is true down to the last guffaw. I am a certified diver and did spend two combat tours in Vietnam and I was a down and out friggin drunk. Last drink was over ten years ago, no meetings; just tired of being stupid got it done.

Been married to the same lady now for 46 years and how that happened speaks of female fortitude like nothing else I know of. Ladies, you are strong but don’t push it. You can do better than men in many things except being a man. Men were the first created by God and there was a reason for that. Don’t ask me about the chicken and the egg as talk like that confuses me no end. Speaking of end. That’s it.

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