I am struck by the number of times the word, “River,” has been used to describe humanity: “The River of Humanity.” It is an apt synonym is it not? It describes the flow of our upbringing through time immemorial. From whatever we came from to what and especially, where, we are now. The irony I see is that we are the same now as back in the mists of time. Technologically we are far superior to our beginnings.

We go into space and space and the stellar worship of long ago are especially noteworthy for the differences in how we behave. A human being used to be humbled by the night sky, that fleeting glimpse into the “beyond.” The ability to understand that stars in the firmament moved and could be used as a predictor of the seasons. A thing that our ancestors believed needed to be worshiped, sacrificed to, and have priests dedicated to. That type of worship became known as paganism once we began to understand space and time. Extending to things not understood the proffer of “gods.” And “gods” demanded sacrifice: animal or human to be placated.

True religion took us out of that as we discovered that there was a mind behind all that we had previously divided up to be worshiped. Yet, that “mind” had a name, according to the Bible and the Bible is said to be divinely inspired. The mind that created all things put a stop to worshiping what He made and told us to worship Him alone. Many understood and took this demand to heart. Many called the entirety of this dogma bunk and kept doing what had been done for eons. But, what was in the background all along? That is the question that is being answered in our times and the answer is: pure evil, now personified. This evil to has a name. But all of this is in the book we call the Bible. The fact that what that book has told us, for thousands of years, is becoming the truth of our times is roundly denied. In fact, God Himself is denied and has been since we left the plow in the field and got comfortable in our cities, towns and burgs.

How quickly, given the scale of time itself, we forget where we came from. This river of humanity has become fetid and noisome. It festers and rots the limbs of our civilization. It is time and past time to consider the truth again and the truth is not us.

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