Faith in God is what I will bring here as I go. I do this to juxtapose what a belief system is and what it compares to given this world, it’s history of filth, and what has been promised us. Politics is old as the world and it is the world that governs politics. We like to think of nations as being the good or the bad but in reality it is the human condition. A condition that is imperfect and subject to death.

Death is what people without Faith fear. It is the driver of all we do but it is also the unspoken of elephant in the room. It pervades our beings from birth until the inevitable yet we keep our fear hidden. This is what causes outbreaks of war with short periods of peace. It is a “mental illness” that affects each of us. It is a cause for desperate measures.

To cope with this world Faith is the only thing that gives hope. You can decide for yourself if that hope is warranted or legitimate. It is my supposition that many of you are looking for something to have Faith in but are looking in all the wrong places. If this is you, you need to shift your search from insubstantial to eternal. Look at the night sky on a clear evening and think eternal. This may very well be why the night sky is available to all of us to ponder. How was this some accident might be a good place to start. Observe the Hummingbird, the hawk and the butterfly and think how these can be so separate and yet sustained when, in space, it is cold, dark and dead. The planets we know about are also dead.

Yet, in our pride, we have the Earth and the science which quibbles about origins with little or no proof of most of their theories. It is time to reconsider what you believe, what you take for granted. Once there, a new and bright vista opens. But, not until you ground yourself in Faith. Faith is eternal and eternity is what you’re looking for once you’re honest with yourself.

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