I was a complete and total putz after Vietnam. I got home, out of the service, went to college and learned to drink: mightily! I buried myself in self-pity and, eventually, self-loathing for almost twenty years. Damn, I was GOOD!

Then, well, I quit all that shell shocked pusillanimous imbibing of spirits while blaming everyone under the sun (either here or on Xaxzon) for my failures. I found the sunshine! What a load of crap; sunshine? No, I found out who I am. You talk about a, “Like it or not,” situation. Oh yeah, when I say I quit it was meetingless. No, I don’t lay claim to the ‘holic syndrome. I just quit because I was sick and tired of being sick and dumber than a horses ass. (Minus the flatulent) Am I being to graphic? Go with it!

I do find myself more cheerful now. I also find myself more outrospeactive as I have my way with the English language here. I just don’t give a damn about my past. It was and it is done and I am moving the hell on. The only reason I mention it here is because it is who I am and I feel some weird responsibility not to mislead anyone who reads this prattle.

Life is good despite the dullards in Congress who allow the burning of our cities and towns. We voted those dipshats in, so we get what we are stupid enough to allow to happen. Look, if I blame myself for what goes wrong then you should to. I ducked out of politickertapes except as an observer and feel cleaner for doing so.

All those people I blamed for my woes ended up being me. Full responsibility for our own lives is the secret to happiness. Don’t like the way things are going? Figure out what is wrong and change it. Then, keep moving and eventually it will work out and you oft times don’t see it coming. The good stuff that is. If it’s money you chase you’re wasting your eternity because money is a sign of being short sighted. We all need it to get by but how we go about it makes an eternal difference.

The way I figure it is that a quail in a meadow doesn’t think much about eternity. It’s just us that do. There’s gotta be a reason for even considering or even inventing the word which defines the unseen and timeless sense of that universal word. Or, it could be what we get because Eve ate that stupid “Starberry.” Nice going Mom! Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into!

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