Take a left at the nuke station. You can’t miss it.

The mirror supposition.

Way out in the universe is a mirror of Earth. Like it says above, The planet orbits around a sun five miles from Xaxzon. Not our miles, do I need to say, their miles. Xaxzon is like Earth in every way but one. Well, in many more ways than one but without the Garden of Eden caper. When Satan offered Eve the fruit that would allow her to know what the Creator knew she turned it down with an outstretched palm of refusal. It wasn’t an apple. Who the heck knows what kind for fruit it was? How about a Starberry? Rather the shape of a strawberry but with weird chemical solutions that gave people who were less than smart way too much information. Made ’em all, “I’m all THIS!”

It wasn’t a miracle that stopped this mirrored Eve from the eating of that fruit. Oh, heck no, it was self-discipline and gratitude from being the custodians of that Garden. No weeds, no stickery vines, nothing but lush paradise whose bounty was all anyone could ask for. ANYONE!!!

She told Adam about the devil and his offering to her and Adam shrugged, “I knew you were made of stern stuff. Gimme five!”

You know, I think it was Kurt Vonnegut Jr. who wrote in his novel, “Slaughterhouse Five,” the simple phrase, “So it goes.” That was about prison camps in Poland and Germany where Jews were systematically murdered by pagan god worshipers. You know them as Nazi’s but they were all about paganism and this is where the devil plays.

Where is our country now? Right in Pagan Village with Trans, do your own thing and kill infants. Up to the time of birth. It doesn’t matter if you or I are against this though. We can do little about it except to point out that this is a dastardly affront to God. He will do something about it and it has already gone too far. Remember Noah? Where we are is derived from Eve eating a piece of fruit that God said not to eat. Heck, could it really be this simple?

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