I clicked onto the news the other day and lo and behold there was our president all decked out in a beautiful, tailored suit, the worth of which I can only guess. What surprised me was what my mind interpreted from that sight. The suit was worth more than the man in it.

Now, I am not one who blithely criticizes most people. I really am one who tries hard to always buffer my critique with the benefit of the doubt. Then, the person in question opens his or her mouth and erases all doubt. So it goes with Biden. I to am aged but still a bit younger than Joe. I am not one who likes politics or intrigue but have always been a person who lives and lets live. With the exception of Vietnam. I carry a huge weight from all that killing and will take it to my grave where I may finally find peace.

On the other hand, there is that elected office in Washington D.C. in which some guy we elect on the strength of words and, hopefully, action sits to proclaim war in which neither he , she or it will ever participate. JFK and only a few others were exceptions to this. They knew very well how awful war is and the weight one carries should they survive it. Like him my back is screwed up yet Biden stands straight as an arrow in a suit that is worth much more than anything he has ever done. It is kind of pathetic isn’t it? Some group in America elected a suit for president!

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