It can be said that nations, from start to finish, (and everything has a finish) travel down a well worn road with twists and turns, pot holes, and obstructions to be cleared. History is our road map once neatly folded in the glove box and occasionally taken out to find one’s way. It is often noted that a wrong turn has been made miles and miles back and the trip we had planned just got longer and time has been lost. Had the road map been studied in detail it is unlikely that we would have lost our way in the first place. But, after all, we are all human and human is obviously a sign of imperfection. But, hey, we all make mistakes, right?

Where America is now is not a mistake. Our roadmap has been taken from us and the highway numbers and turnoffs have been falsified and moved around so that we may never find our way. We are on the “Trans” continental highway of the world now and the world gets worse with age. That little town called, “Morality,” has been erased from our map and once morality is gone nothing works other than disease, death, war, and turmoil.

But, hey again, it’s all kind of funny to think that kids are being de-moralized from kindergarten through university. What could possible go wrong with this roadmap? America has slipped on the progressive banana peel and taken a nose first gainer into the wall of history. Where the city of “Morality” existed is now rubble on which twin cities have been built. Aptly named, Sodom and Gomorrah. I guess the Bible is worth something after all? Read it: Matthew 24 and 26. This is the road map we are now on. And here you were, wondering all along.

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