I found this social site a few days ago. I’ve joined and watched. I had to join because I put it up, built it and am loving the people who have joined it. Dare I say they are right down our alley. Tin Pan Alley to boot!

It is HERE but do not join if you are incendiary. There is no room for threats, cussing or nudity. Who needs any of that unless you’re one shot short of drunk. I don’t care if you drink. Have at it but don’t get all upset and post drivel all over my hard work.

Seriously, because I am serious, it is a place for discernment in posting and intelligent thought which, one might think, would leave me out. That’s why I built it in fact. If I kick myself out the site goes with me. Bring your humor and keep it out front. That way, we can peacefully discuss and maybe find solutions that work for us. Or not.

Anyway, it is free and roaring like a match in a gale, sort of.

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