If ever were there an abused word it is the recent vintage of what a few are calling hate. People they disagree with they term as haters, or, general definition, bearing extreme aversion, enmity toward or wishing harm or death come to any person, group or race. Hate is also beating a dead horse, let’s not forget and that horse they’re beating has been dead a long time. Just ask the vultures! Better yet, ask the party that began a civil war in America because they hated and enslaved a race of people. Them there was the ones who got it all started and them there were white Democrats! That’s right, the same group that is trying to foist that term on the rest of us who disagree, vehemently, with their political course.

If it were possible to put a percentage on the haters in the entirety of the human race I would bet it would be far less than 5% of all humanity: far less. Reason being, if a person can relax and not be defensive concerning another race they get along just fine. Add an outside influence, be that the KKK or the Democrat Party (they’re the same) you have peaceful coexistence most of the damn time. You know this and I know this.

I don’t know why I had to get so danged old to write this stuff. Vietnam taught me a lot of lessons and one is that it is difficult to identify your friend, black, white or indifferent, when all that’s left, one second to another, is a hunk of twisted meat. Give it less than an hour and the flies make it even harder to tell who your friend was. You think any of these jerks on the left know a thing about life? Nope. They are parrots and I don’t hate parrots, I feel for them in their ignorance and penchant for shouting words they don’t understand. It’s a pity. In the end, it is all a damned pity.

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