Having been around when America was quite different than it is now I began this to speak of the dereliction of duty by our government. There was a time when only a few had any good reason to hate America. Sure, some were held down by stupid people who couldn’t find their rear ends with both hands and a flashlight but almost everybody else worked their tails off and minded their own business. Folks, it just was because most of us went to church and going to church means you believe in something which is correct and much bigger than our mewling complaints. Much larger to the point of universal.

People had it tough so they fought to make things better. There was far less government assistance back then and you had one another to help get through the tough times. And we did! Wanna go to college, kid? Better figure out how you’re gonna pay for it. Those kids figured it out and paid their own way to a better life and self-respect. Most of them are now passed so they can’t see what I see. A mewling sack of shat calling themselves miserable. A person is only as miserable as they allow themselves to be! When you have an entire group calling others names with out knowing those others you have hypocrisy writ large. What you don’t have is intelligence or common decency. Add a total lack of common sense and we have our country as it now is. Corrupt as sin and full of the devil’s own shat.

We live in a fiction now. It is not real and when unreality takes over death is the result. Death and misery and we all know that misery loves company. I doubt our government is up to the job of reigning this lack of intellect in because our government is run by whiners. If there is a real man in office anywhere please stand up and fight back.

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