Because I try not to curse but work with coded software installations with no degree in I.T. I chose the name, “Futz,” as a clean alternative to certain expressions of both fatigue and ambiguity of brain when figuring out software.

I don’t, to be quite blunt, really know if this website will work for what I have planned. Like all else in my life, I get a running start and then see if I can jump high enough to clear the hurdles. This, then, is my running start and I am not as fast as I once was. Not by a long, or short, shot. Bear with me as I figure out both my last name and where I am going with this.

Do you like surprises? Me neither unless they’re worth a ton of money. Seeing as how that never happens I make no promises except, possibly, to carry on this dialogue as long as I live. Figuratively speaking, that is.

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